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tale as old as time

bittersweet and strange

Ellie: Princess Kitten
23 January 1993
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The Princess

The name's Ellie. I'm a Cali girl with a passion for life. Currently, I'm just trying to find my way.

My favorite color is pink. I'm an aquarius. I am almost always sugar high or angry at the world. I’m caught between declaring myself agnostic and atheist. I don’t update at all, but trust me, I’m very active on my favorite comms and with my fanfiction. If anything, go to my tumblr and send me a message; you'll find me faster that way.

And for the sake of the naughtier communities and fests I join, I confirm that I am over eighteen.


{Television} - Agents of SHIELD. Doctor Who. Suburgatory. Scandal. The Taste. The Voice. Once Upon a Time (formerly now). Camp. Rookie Blue. Rizzoli & Isles. Glee (s1-4).
{Movies} - Everything Disney and Pixar. Beauty and the Beast (Disney). Brave. Phantom of the Opera (I love the musical too). Despicable Me. Rise of the Guardians. Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli. Monsters University. The Avengers. Wreck-It Ralph. Dark Knight trilogy. Gone With the Wind. Princess and the Frog. High School Musical series. Anastasia. Thumbelina. Parent Trap (1998). Anything animated. Musicals. So excited for Disney's Frozen!
{Books} - Harry Potter. Hunger Games Trilogy. Alex Flinn. Meg Cabot.
{Music} - Taylor Swift. Lana Del Rey. Katy Perry. Adele. R&B. Smooth Jazz. Pop. Alan Menken.
{People} - Dianna Agron. Naya Rivera. Selena Gomez. Emma Watson. Emmy Rossum. Jenna Louise Coleman. Troian Bellisario. Zac Efron. Karen Gillan. Matt Smith. Lindsay Pearce. Gerard Butler.
{Pairings} - Swan Queen. Quinntana. Sleeping Warrior. Dramione. Erik/Christine. Just about any crack!ship (or rare!pair) for Harry Potter. Amy/Rory. Eleven/River Song.